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Chicken salad in coconut crust and spicy croutons

Chicken salad in coconut crust and spicy croutons

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Preheat the oven to 175 degrees C.

The chicken breast is placed on a plate and seasoned to taste, with salt and chili flakes, drizzle a few drops of corn oil over the meat.

We lined a tray with baking paper.

Pass the spiced chicken breast through coconut flakes, then place it in the pan. Sprinkle a little sweet paprika for color and taste.

Bake for 25 minutes.

Meanwhile, cut the slices of toast into small cubes, which we also place in a tray lined with baking paper.

Sprinkle the bread with a little corn oil, sprinkle salt, pepper and thyme to taste, then put the tray in the oven until they become golden croutons.

For the salad, place in the bowl fresh and washed arugula leaves, baby spinach, iceberg lettuce cut into strips.

On top, put pieces of baked chicken breast, croutons, tomato slices, add salt, oil and vinegar to taste and serve.

Good appetite!


It is a very good winter food, which my great-grandmother also made and as a child, she liked it very much.
It is done as follows:
We will make the food in a more capacious pan or pan, because it will have more sauce and we will also put the potatoes.
Saute chicken in oil, on one side and on the other, until the meat is white and even browned a little, then add the paprika, then the onion passed through a grater - not too much, because there is no onion food, but double than we generally put on a stew. Let it soften, over low heat, and when the liquid drops, add a cup of hot water to boil the stewed meat. We also add two cloves of garlic.
When the meat is almost ready, add the potatoes cut into quarters when they are almost cooked (ie not to crush) we put tomato sauce and pasta from donuts (I have both homemade and seasoned). We add salt, pepper and other spices.
Let it boil on low heat, so that the flavors sit down and the oil will rise on top. It is good hot, with pickles.
It is a tastier food than if we make the steak and the potato garnish (puree, nature) separately. The meat will be soft, flavorful, and the potatoes will taste like meat and sauce.

No, I didn't eat the swans. I wanted to show how cold it is outside and how good it is when you get home cold and find a warm and good food.


Delicious stew with potatoes. what a craving you made me!
I also really like to eat it with some pickles.
A good day!

Excellent your blog, congratulations!

Thank you for being together. You are worth gold, and this special moment, has a gift for you on our blog. I hope you enjoy.

Visit my blog:

Nicoleta. I also crave this food, because I made it some time ago and posted it later.

Raquel, I'm so glad you like my blog. Your prize is a pleasant surprise thank you.

Hello, Re! Thank you for visiting.

If you also specify the quantities it would be great. There are a lot of recipes like this that do not specify any amount of ingredients. We should guess.

the quantities are not strict. But I'll be careful when I cook, to write them down. I mean, it's simple for someone with some experience, but others may be confused.

Where do you live ? The scenery is beautiful.

I live in Piatra Neamţ. Many swans have been coming to us for several years. since with climate change.

Chicken salad in coconut crust and spicy croutons - Recipes

I've never been a fan of Kfc's spicy wings. for the simple reason that I can't stand them so spicy :)) But I wasn't a big fan of chicken wings in general, until about 2 years ago, when I started using them more often in various dishes.

But because any food you eat often becomes commonplace and you get a little tired of it (at least that's my case), you have to invent new ways to prepare and enjoy it :) That's the story of these marinated wings in a sauce that I made with everything I had in the house and I thought it fit.

  • chicken wings, sauce (1 glass of red wine, 1 tablespoon honey, salt, pepper, 2 tablespoons tomato juice, 2 tablespoons soy sauce, oregano, a little olive oil, 2 cloves garlic), flax seeds, olive oil fried.

I prepared the sauce in a large bowl. I put all the ingredients (garlic only cut in half) and mixed well with a spoon.

I washed the well-washed wings (and with those cut bone tips) in the sauce and left them there for about 1 hour.

I fried the wings (passed through a few flax seeds) in an oil bath, then I took them out on a napkin to drain.

If you don't have flax seeds, or you don't like them, use sesame seeds.

The wings are eaten with whatever garnish you like, I chose baked potatoes with Provence greens and a salad with greens.


There are many recipes for roast meatballs and, in general, our housewives are good at making them.
But I also come up with this recipe, who knows, maybe I'll give you an idea. They are made quickly and are very good.
I always use quality I meat for roasts and generally for minced meat - muscle, boneless leg, chicken pipette, without skins and tendons, even if some great chefs recommend second quality meat. I don't like to find any peeling or anything else in the shreds. I also pass the meat twice through the machine, so that it is very fine. Now, it also depends on tastes.
I only needed to chop the chicken breast once, but I cleaned every piece of tendon first.
So I used:
a bigger chicken breast
a grated potato through a small grater and then squeezed
an onion
a grated carrot
4 cloves grated garlic
a slice of bagel
1 or
1-2 tablespoons flour
salt pepper
molding flour

Xandrinne and her culinary deeds

Today is a special day: it's Flower Sunday. I wish all the celebrants of the day a sincere "Happy Birthday!" and all the best.

As today is April 28, there is very little until Magda will ring the final whistle of this month's "Sweet Romania" match. One of her challenges was leurda, I'm glad I managed to get a generous bunch of leurda, for which I prepared a salad, and the recipe floats to Magda. Right now.

A large bundle of wild garlic,

lemon juice, sunflower oil, salt,

We wash the leurda, dry it in a kitchen towel and cut it into strips, thicker / thinner, as we like.

Wash the green onion and cut it into small pieces, mix it with leurda, season with lemon juice, add a little oil and adjust the taste of salt. Mix lightly.

I made croutons like this: I cut two slices of bread into cubes. I heated the cubes in the pan, with two tablespoons of sunflower oil I sprinkled dry oregano. I took them out on paper towels.

Chicken salad in coconut crust and spicy croutons - Recipes

With a little garlic and chopped rosemary they go great! And when they are like that, you feel like eating them crispy :) Good idea with "various shapes" I didn't think of that, I always made cubes :)

Poppy really thinks this combination is delicious. I couldn't help myself today after I took them out of the oven: D.
The variant with various shapes I think works great for guests or children :).

It goes perfectly with my Caesar salad :) simple and effective, thanks for the idea!

super nice looks
I invite you to a soup at my place

Wonderful recipe. I love croutons :). A beautiful week!

With great, great pleasure! I kiss you girls and of course I will return your visit: D!

I also made a lot of soups the other day, including a tomato one. I adore them all: D
Your soup looks very good, and the croutons are gorgeous!

Maya, thank you for your comment! I really enjoyed your visit!
I kiss you with great pleasure!

Chicken salad in coconut crust and spicy croutons - Recipes

Since I discovered this recipe, I have prepared it three times. The first time I didn't get to take the final pictures. Not a second time. It was only the third time I succeeded, so good is this chicken in crispy crust, that it disappears instantly from the plate.
Whoever subscribes to the newsletter will find this recipe in my presentation. This is the second recipe that appears in the Kotanyi newsletter, the first being the fish pudding. There is also a third recipe that I prepared together with my son, Tudor, and that I will publish soon -)

The recipe is from Libertatea magazine for women no. 51/2012, with personal modifications and additions.

green cucumber Fabio,
olive oil,
salt from the Kotanyi mill.


How good this crust looks!

I think it's tasty. Nice weekend!

A delicacy you prepared here. I like crispy baked goods, they are much healthier! many kisses

The flour recipe was definitely tasty

Yes, I am a subscriber and I saw it
Congratulations Liana for all the achievements made as you do well and they are very tasty !!

Chicken salad in coconut crust and spicy croutons - Recipes

fantastic this recipe! congratulations. hello!

Very tasty mini pies.
I like it a lot.
See you soon and good Sunday.

Hello dear !! But what wonderful savory cakes !! Appetizing and delicious. Bravissima !! Kisses.

I finally found a recipe for mini tarts, easy and cheap! THANK YOU!

Happy birthday to Tudor and very appetizing baskets!

It looks delicious. Happy birthday to Tudor. Kiss you.

original to serve the salad in mini-pies
very appetizing, i like it very much
good day

Wonderful ..a super recipe to save!
hello..a good week!

@ Geta- to know as for. me was a relief this tart recipe, thanks!

@ Fimere- you are a love, thank you!

Liana, funny girl, you're funny. you always make me laugh at the comments left on my blog I like your mood, bravo! just as well for these appetizer delicacies in general! See you soon funny girl :)))

Thank you, my dear Nina! If I were trivial, no one would notice me, and if I were humble, everyone would forget me. I'm funny, so I exist!

Chicken salad in coconut crust and spicy croutons - Recipes

  • 360 g flour
  • 200 g powdered sugar
  • 250 ml milk
  • 150 g coconut
  • 2 eggs
  • 160 g melted butter
  • 16 g baking powder
  • a pinch of salt
  • grated peel from a lemon
  • In a bowl sift the flour together with the baking powder, add salt and sugar and mix the ingredients with a fork. Separately, mix the eggs well with the milk and melted butter, then add them to the bowl over the dry ingredients and mix nicely with the pear-shaped teal, then add the coconut and grated lemon peel, continuing to mix with the hand tool.Pour the composition into a round tray lined with paper (you can grease with butter and cover with flour) and put in the preheated oven at 180 degrees, about 35-40 minutes, test with a toothpick.


What happened to him, he changed the spindle! But it's still good that you have it in winter! I like what your cake looks like and how I love coconut, I think I would like it if you would send me a slice :)

Today I have a terrible headache, so I come to you and serve me, I can't do anything. Kisses!

And I sign up for a slice of cake. looks great! Many kisses!

I like the rooster, so I'm coming too. You have the cake, the garden with flowering trees. ai, what more can I want. Kiss!

coconut is my favorite. . the cake looks great, I already have a craving. as for the fruit trees and they bloomed in our garden :).

how good the cake looks. As for the pomisor, the phase is very strong! I have never seen autumn flowering trees, but I am not surprised by these heats. Kiss

Teo, it changed the season because it came late & quot; lady summer with heat & quot. Go out on the balcony as the slice of fries comes. Many kisses !

DiaMar, kisses to get over your headache. It will be from the change of weather, from autumn.

Danutza, if you like coconut, I will be happy to serve you. Many kisses .

Thanks for visiting, Iulian!

Sara, I'm waiting for you. we serve in the garden, because I also have that strong summer heat. Many kisses .

Catkitchen, we used to say at home, that if the trees bloom a second time, it will be a long and beautiful autumn. Hope. Many kisses !

Alinutzika, I had seen acacias bloom before, but I haven't seen any. Kisses and I'm waiting for you for a sweet slice.

I also saw acacias, but not yet .. Tell us what happened to them in the end) As for the fries .. good bad especially because it has coconut! many kisses

Antonina, I must tell you. It's hot for now, but they'll probably fall when it's cold. Kisses and. I invite you to a slice, I'm just having fun in front of the computer with one. Many kisses .

I wonder if there's anything left for me.
Pup and good evening!

Maria, I'll be a little late, though. It's gone. Kisses and a wonderful week!

And in our country it was said that if the trees bloom in autumn, then it will be long and beautiful, at least if it were so. because I don't miss the cold and to light the heating, last year I turned on the heat from October 13th until mid-April. the bills came very peppered. And then, I want to stay outside even if I don't have flowering trees, I love to sit outside at the table, to read. to do sudoku. by the way, yesterday with the guests, from the farm we came to our house and. I continued to the table outside, how beautiful it was! So, live the long autumn
I kiss you and wish you a wonderful week.

what a wonder Daniela !!

I arrived a bit late because I was very busy moving but I hope you still have this delicious cake for me, right?

Petronela, we have already been told that it will be cold from tomorrow, so today I washed a carpet and if I'm lucky I'll solve another one tomorrow morning. From 30 or so, it will be 21. I already imagine it will be cold. brrr. Kisses and a beautiful week!

Chicken salad in coconut crust and spicy croutons - Recipes

This summer I said I'm not cooking, I'm really bad at the heat. But I still didn't escape. And how I like spicy food, with chili, when I came across this recipe in Click! Good appetite! no. 6/2015 I could not refrain from doing it: D
With the necessary changes, of course, that I had just bought from Auchan red curry paste with chili and chili sauce with garlic and I had to try them: P
And they were hot, hot, hot !! This girl is on fire-talking song !! : D

8 chicken hammers,
2 tablespoons chopped thyme Kotanyi,
1 tablespoon red curry paste with chili,
1 tablespoon chili sauce with garlic,
1 tablespoon chili from the Kotanyi grinder,
1 teaspoon paprika,
extra virgin olive oil,
salt and pepper from the Kotanyi grinders.

Wash and clean the chicken hammers and let them drain on paper towels or dab them lightly.

In a bowl put the paprika, chopped thyme, chili, chili sauce with garlic, olive oil and curry paste with chili.

You can make two notches on the bone, top and middle, to burn faster and penetrate better
marinade prepared above. Grease the hammers with the paste created.

Then cover with cling film and refrigerate for more than an hour or leave overnight.

Put them on the grill the next day. I use the Tefal squeegee. Turn them over in 3 minutes.

Check if the meat is ready after 15 minutes. Leave 5 more if you still see blood next to the bone. I left them another 10, so about 25 minutes in total and the chili paste turned a bit black, unfortunately.

And ready to enjoy!
I served them with baked potatoes with rosemary and a glass of cold beer! :-)

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