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Tunafish balls

Tunafish balls

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Tuna Meatloaf Recipe of of 10-06-2014 [Updated on 29-08-2018]

The tuna meatloaf is the summer variant of the classic meatloaf, needless to say that it can be done in a thousand and one different ways, using fresh tuna for example, or without cooking using mayonnaise as a binder, or just like the classic meatloaf, a dough tied with eggs and then passed in breadcrumbs and baked. The tuna meatloaf is eaten warm or cold and accompanied by a nice mixed salad becomes a fresh and light dinner, at my house it goes a lot in this period and for this, I pass you the recipe. Dear girls, with my head I am already on vacation on a white beach overlooking the crystal clear sea, I have a fixed thought now to leave and think only of sunbathing, bathing, dining with Ivano in the moonlight and playing with Elisa at making sand castles, everything else seems to me a huge waste of time and life, I would like to close doors today and leave again on September 1st, 3 months of vacation like when I was little, it would be nice eh? And I would too, if I weren't so obsessed with my sense of duty, uh, I get back to work goes, one kiss


How to make tuna meatloaf

Wash the potatoes, then put them in a large pot with water and boil for about 30 minutes

Peel the potatoes and mash them in a potato masher and put them in a bowl with the tuna
Add the egg, or 2, the Parmesan, chopped chives, salt and pepper

Knead until you get a homogeneous mixture

Form a loaf and pass it in breadcrumbs

Then put the tuna meatloaf in the fridge to harden for 30 minutes
Sprinkle some oil on the surface

then wrap the tuna meatloaf in parchment paper and cook at 200 ° for 30 minutes

Let the tuna meatloaf cool before cutting it into slices and serving.

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