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Macaroni and cheese

Macaroni and cheese

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Macaroni and cheese recipe by of 12-03-2014 [Updated on 27-08-2018]

Macaroni and cheese, also called mac 'n' cheese, is a traditional American dish, the recipe has always been tempting me and after reviewing an old episode of the show desperate housewifes I have the desire to try it again. The dish consists of a timbale of pasta topped with a bechamel sauce in which cheeses such as cheddar and parmesan are melted, everything is baked in the oven to create a creamy pasta with a nice golden crust on the surface. Obviously, as often happens in these types of preparations, there are numerous recipes and variations.I took a cue from here by adjusting the doses just a little according to my taste and I got creamy and tasty macaroni and cheese, just like I expected them! That's all for today, I feel a little better, so I'm going to make myself a nice coffee and get back to work, kisses: *


How to make macaroni and cheese

Start by preparing a béchamel, put the butter and flour in a saucepan

Cook, stirring with a wooden spoon until creamy

Add the hot milk and mix.

Bring to a boil then turn off the heat and add the cream, salt, pepper, nutmeg, pecorino and cheddar cheese.

Mix in an energetic bowl until you get a smooth cream.

Cook the pasta and drain it al dente
Drain the macaroni and put them in a bowl along with the cheese sauce

Mix well, then transfer everything to an ovenproof dish

Bake the Macaroni and cheese at 200 ° and cook for about 20 minutes, when the surface of the pasta is golden, take it out of the oven and serve your mac and cheese

Video: Mac and Cheese As Made By Terry Crews Mack and Jeezy (June 2022).


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