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I Vol au Vent (which in French stands for carried by the wind to describe their lightness) are small baskets made up of puff pastry discs overlapping empty inside stuffed in various ways, from sweet to savory that can be served with both hot and cold fillings. Perfect to serve at a dinner as a refined appetizer or as a snack at a buffet or to accompany an aperitif. With the fillings then you can indulge yourself, from the classic mousses to julienned vegetables or even using sweet creams fresh fruit.
Prepare i vol au vent at home it is really very simple, and in a few minutes you can get some nice baskets of puff pastry to be stuffed in many ways. And if you want to dare by preparing the puff pastry yourself, then you will have truly top-notch vol au vent.


How to make vol au vent

Roll out the puff pastry and with a round biscuit cutter cut out the circles of 6 cm in diameter

Then leave intact those that will serve as a base and engrave with a second glass of smaller diameter, those that will give us the walls by inflating.

Brush the disk and the edges with a beaten egg to make the browning (alternatively you can also use milk that gives the same browning of the egg).

Prick the bases with the tines of a fork to prevent the base from swelling during cooking

On each base place 3 circles, taking care to brush each ring before overlapping another.

Put the vol au vents on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper
Then bake a hot oven at 200 ° C for about ten minutes or until they are swollen and golden.

Let cool before garnishing them

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