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Apricots in syrup

Apricots in syrup

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Recipe Apricots in syrup of of 06-07-2016 [Updated on 15-07-2016]

The apricots in syrup they are a delicious summer preserve that no one ever thinks of making, perhaps fearing it will be difficult or laborious. Instead, preparing them is really easy and fast: a few years ago I had prepared the peaches in the same way, and I liked them very much, so this year, after making peace with the jam, I decided to throw myself in and prepare the apricots in syrup as well. The recipe is very simple but you have to be very careful about two things: you have to choose apricots that are not too ripe, even better if they are organic, otherwise they will soften too much during cooking, and then you have to do a second sterilization so that you can keep the apricots in syrup for everything the winter.


How to make apricots in syrup

Make a syrup with water, sugar and lemon peel.

Meanwhile, wash the apricots, divide them in half and remove the stones.

Divide the apricots in the previously sterilized jars, then add the syrup, which must come to cover them.

Close tightly, then place the jars in a large pot interspersing clean tea towels between them, fill the pot with water, bring to a boil and boil for 30 minutes.
Then let them cool completely before removing them from the pot.

Your apricots in syrup are ready, so let them rest in the pantry for at least 1 month before tasting them.

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